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Little Batch Co. makes fresh pastries every morning for our sister restaurant Parkside Station, which is conveniently located next door to the bakery! Visit the Parkside Station Website to see what the daily pastry selection is. Keep in mind flavors and fillings will rotate weekly.

If you'd like to place a large pastry order, please see the list below. Small pastry orders of 1/2-1 dozen pieces require 48 hours notice. All large pastry orders over a dozen pieces require a minimum of 72 hours notice. Thank you!



Choose between plain, everything, cheddar, or jalapeño cheddar.

$2.00 each

Cinnamon Rolls

Large fluffy cinnamon rolls slathered in cream cheese frosting.

$5 each


Classic layered Danish dough twisted into a spiral with cinnamon sugar and filled with a variety of house made fillings. Call to ask the bakers what fillings are available.

$6 each

Drop Cookies

Classic cookies such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, chocolate crinkle, and sprinkle.

$2.00 each

Hand Pies

Classic flaky pie dough filled with house made fruit pie filling. Call to ask the bakers what flavors are available. 

$4.00 each

Cinnamon Morning Buns

Danish dough swirled with cinnamon and coated in cinnamon sugar.

$4 each


Puff pastry filled with a variety of house made fruit fillings.

$4.00 each

Bavarian Pretzels

(Available Friday-Sunday)

Soft Bavarian salt pretzel.

$3.00 each

Call to place an order!

We do our very best to answer the phone, however we are a small crew and can't always make it to the phone. Please leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Phone: 785-775-9999


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