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Bite Sized Treats

Some times you need something a little extra for your event! We have a fantastic list of bite sized treats that are perfect for any occasion. See the list below and give us call if you'd like to place an order, or if you have any questions.

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Dessert Tables

Full Size Cupcakes $3 ea.​

Flavors; Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry Almond, Lemon, Carrot (contains nuts), & Red Velvet

Minimum for each flavor is 6 cupcakes.

Mini Cup Cakes $1.50 ea.

Flavors; Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry Almond (contains nuts), Lemon, Carrot (contains nuts), & Red Velvet

Minimum for each flavor is 12 mini cupcakes.

Meringue Cookies $.25 ea.

Choose your color!

*gluten free

Macarons $3 ea.

Choose your color & flavor, minimum for each flavor is 12 macarons.

*contains nuts

*gluten Free

Mini Fruit Tarts $1.50 ea.

Sweet tart shell filled with your choice of vanilla or lemon cream, topped with fresh berries. 

Brownie Bites $1.50 ea.

May be topped with your choice of colored white chocolate and sprinkles.

Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats $1.50 ea.

Topped with your choice of colored white chocolate and sprinkles.

*gluten Free

Mini Sandwich Cookies $2.00

Oatmeal Cream Pie

Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Buttercream

Snickerdoodle with Spiced Buttercream

Bourbon Pecan Pralines $.75 ea.

*contains nuts

*gluten free

Cream Puffs $1.50 ea.

Filled with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, fruit, or dulce de lethe cream.

Flourless Chocolate Cake Bites $1.50

Topped with chocolate ganache and your choice of sprinkles. 

*gluten free

Mini Hand Pies $3.00 ea.

Choose between apple, cherry, peach, pecan, or mixed berry.

Each flavor must be a minimum of 6 hand pies.

*processed on equipment used to roll out almond cookies and other doughs containing nuts.

Mini Cheesecakes $3.00 ea.

Choose between vanilla, chocolate, swirl, turtle (contains nuts), strawberry, raspberry, or lemon.

Serving Suggestions

  • (40- 50 ppl) Choose 3-4

  • (60-80 ppl) Choose 3-4

  • (90- 120 ppl) Choose 4-6

  • (150-200 ppl) Choose 4-6

  • (250-300 ppl) Choose 4-6


We recommend 2 1/2-3 pieces per person 

Example: For 200 guests we recommend 500-600 pieces.

We have a few platters and serving utensils available, however our supplies are limited. Give us a call to place your order or if you have questions about your dessert table options. 

Bakery Phone Number: 785-775-9999

Little Batch Co. email:

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